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Unlimited sales with e-shop

Have an e-commerce website
Be the one to manage your target audience!

How much more can you support their growth while continuing to invest in marketplaces?

Now it's time to take control!

Be data driven

As an e-commerce website owner

You can rule the traffic!

Your website should act as a magnet for your target audience.  Trigger your target audience to purchase by owning a cutting-edge, 360° integrated e-commerce website.

E-ticaret web site (temsili görsel)
E-commerce website product photo

Ally won't let you down!

We guide the entire process with e-commerce website setup and digital marketing support.

Web site incelemelerimiz

Easy setup

Coding? Nevermind!

You don't need to go to any trouble to set up your website.

With Ally, you just focus on growing your brand and leave the technical work to us. Let us know by choosing your theme and we will get your 360° integrated website ready.

Social Media Marketing

With Ally's algorithm-friendly budgeting system, you can make sure your resources are spent wisely.

Goal-based budgeting

Budgeting per campaign

Recycling focused budgeting

Rotational budgeting

Sosyal Medya Pazarlama'da temsili satış başarı oranımız
social media marketing

Trigger Ads

We design a marketing strategy that targets the sales actions or behaviors of your target audience.

visual ads

video ads

Story ads

Applied ads

Our customers

Why Ally?

"Ally means minimum budget and maximum sales for me. It's like an employee I can never hire."

In order to own an event company, it is necessary to be an expert in event management, and in order to make mass sales, it is necessary to be an expert in digital marketing. Ally E-commerce was at the center of our company throughout our entire journey. Thanks to Ally, I have performed 5 big concerts so far.


Cagatay Bilgin

Ally Organization | Co-Founder


Build your brand!

Work with those who know the formula to be sustainable

Thanks to the consultancy services offered by Ally, you can obtain the most effective advertising strategies for your e-commerce business. Whether you're starting from scratch or halfway through... It doesn't matter!

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  • Instagram
  • Twitter
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  • TikTok
Social Media Marketing Platform
Digital Marketing Insights

Lighten the workload

Automation Marketing

save time

Digital Marketing Budget Optimization

Save budget

With Ally, secure your brand by leaving it to professionals and save workload, time and budget by eliminating all this difficult process.


How to do it?

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