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Our Mission

One of the biggest shortcomings in the digital marketing industry is the lack of quality. While most companies follow a policy based on price and cheapness, brands that prioritize quality are rare.


Ally was born from this need and made it its mission to be a facilitator. Our difference is quality, not price; We determine it by measuring it with the value index. We always serve our customers by revealing our difference with our value-oriented structure.

Our purpose

We facilitate business processes for small and medium-sized businesses by acting as a digital bridge with our consultancy services. In this way, we free businesses from unnecessary workload and wasted budget and time.


As a Wix partner, Ally E-commerce builds corporate e-commerce websites. It creates the digital brand presence of businesses and provides 360° brand management.


It offers industry-focused digital sales and marketing consultancy, advertising management services on social media platforms and undertakes performance marketing of businesses. Collaborating with Ally means creating a roadmap that allows brands to achieve maximum revenue with minimum budget.

Our story

Once upon a time, businesses needed large budgets for branding. Advertising, marketing and sales activities required large resources, preventing many businesses from achieving their branding goals.

However, to overcome this challenge, Ally was born. We set out to help businesses institutionalize and brand at affordable costs. By understanding the cultures, visions and goals of businesses, we offer the most appropriate strategies to our customers.

We offer our customers the opportunity to gain maximum profit with minimum budget in the branding process. This way, our businesses can make a bigger impact by spending less money. Thus, thanks to Ally, businesses can achieve their branding goals more easily.

However, for us, not only the branding of businesses but also the satisfaction and happiness of our customers is important.


Therefore, we offer customer-focused sales and marketing processes and management services. By understanding our customers' needs and expectations, we offer the most appropriate solutions.


As we move forward on this path, we always focus on quality and value. Every service we provide for our customers must be of the highest quality and at the most affordable price. Thus, Ally will move towards becoming the most reliable and suitable solution partner for our businesses that want to achieve their branding goals.

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Nişantaş, Mehmetcik Sokak No:45, Ünal Plaza | Kat: 4 Daire :15, 42060
Selçuklu/Konya, Türkiye


+90 553 683 74 42

Çalışma Saatlerimiz

Pzt - Cmt

11:00 am – 19:30 pm

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